Food Ingredients

Product Types
Juice Concentrates, IQF Fruits, Purees Aseptic, Puree blocks, Infused Fruits, Juice NFC (Not From Concentrate) Apple, Orange, Grape, Berry, Pomgranate, Cherry, Blacberry, Cranberry, Elderberry, Saurcherry,Strawberry, Goawa, Mango, Grapefruit , Kiwi, Passion fruit, Pineapple 

Indukern Products

Blends of hydrocoloids , emulsifiers or other food ingredients for optimum usage and properties for each application

Product Application
Blends for Beverages The solutions design especifically for stablising fruit pulp or proteins, sespending of particles and preventing phase separation ( oil and water)
Adjusting the texture and viscosity of the beverage to the customer's requirements
Blends for Jams and Preserves The blend / solutions combines pectins and other gums or fibers to achieve the desired texture
Blends for Fruit juice based drinks Solutions for fruit juices, nectars or fruit juice based soft drinks to stablise the fuit pulp and prevent precipitaiton to give good texture and taste
Blends for different types of  milk products: Chocolate milk, Yogurt, Fermented milk, Recombined milk, Dairy deserts Stablising fats , proteins, mineral supplements, fibers in order to avoid separation 
Partial replacement of milk or milk protein for cost optimisation 
To Provide desired texture 
Blends for Processed Cheese Stablising of texture for any application or process conditions
Substitution of cheese, protein and/or reduction of dry matter for cost optimisation 
Development of specific products such as Feta cheese, Cream cheese, Block cheese, sliced cheese, pizza cheese , cheese fillings, cheese spreads
Blends for Sauces, Mayonnaise and Dressings Solution  based on blends of hydrocolloids, gums, starches, emulsifiers and milk proteins to control texture and to ensure proper emulsion 
Blends for processed Meat products Solutions  of  texturising ingredients combination for production of cooked meat products, both injected and tumbled 
The solutions help to improve texture , maximize performance ( by increasing water retention) and prevent syneresis  obtaining products with optimum texture for sliced ham, cold cuts and poutry products
Blends for Emulsified Meat Products This solutions are for production of emulsified cooked meats from any type and any meat protein percentage . 
This solutions help to improve texture, maximise performance and stablise emulsions, preventing syneresis or separation of fats obtaining products with optimum texture in mortadella, pates and frankfurt type saussages 
Blends for Vegan Products  specifically designed blends for different types of  mortadella type products or cooked sausages, vegan burgers,...

Leiber Yeast Extracts

The various “extract families” can be assigned to the six most characteristic taste impressions for brewers’ yeast 

extracts: brothy / meaty / roasted / umami / vegetable / piquant.

The individual products of the six extract families demonstrate the grades of the basic taste profile and therefore 

make it possible to generate a variety of taste nuances as one individual extract or as a mixture with extracts from 

another extract family.

Product Specification
Xanthum Gum- Standard , fine and agglomerated grades
Carrageenan Standard and ultra-fine mesh grades
CMC Low to Ultra-high viscosity
Pectin Standard to Ultra-Fine Mesh