Pharma Ingredients

Product Application USP
Anhydrous Lactose Direct tableting and -Direct tableting High Velocity. High Purity and yellowing pigment free
Spray Dried Lactose Used in direct compression and also used Capsule filling. Designed for optimal flow through high speed tablet presses Direct compression and Capsule Filling grades available.
Crystalline lactose Monohydrate For wet or dry granulation High degree of Crystallinity and High flow grades available.
Inhalation Lactose Lactose for use as the excipient in DPI’s 40M, 80M,120M and Sieved 120MS grades
Flavors Improve the taste of pharmaceuticals by masking the unpleasant taste associated with many APIs DMF grade Flavors powder and Liquid Flavors, Flavor concentrates
Self-Lubricating Excipients- Lubritose DC Grade of MCC, Lactose and Mannitol which avoids Mg. stearate from formulation Co-processed with Glyceryl Monostearate NF
Tablet Coatings- Sheffcoat Film coatings, sustained release, Enteric coating, Moisture Barrier Wide range of colorants to customize a film coating
Fast Disintegrating Tablets Systems- Disintequik Designed for direct tableting operations where fast disintegration is required. Co- Processed Lactose and MCC
Orally Dissolving Systems- Disintequik ODT Direct tableting operations for use in orally disintegrating tablets Co- Processed Excipient
Glycerides Plasticizer, Glidant, permeation enhancer, Stabilizer, taste masking Distilled monoglyceride prepared from kosher palm feedstock and glycerol.
HPMC, HPMCP and MCC Range- Sheffcel Film Coating, Controlled release, Wet granulation binder, Thickening and suspending agent, Capsules Substitution type 2910, 2906 and 2208 available.
Product Application
MCC-101 MCC-101 is most widely used for direct compression tableting and wet granulation.
MCC-102 MCC-102 has similar compression properties to MCC-101. However, it has larger particle size and therefore, may be of value in improving the flow if fine powders.
MCC-103 MCC-103, MCC-112 and MCC-113 have reduced moisture content and are ideal for use with moisture sensitive materials.
MCC-105 MCC-105 has the finest particle size and may be used in direct compression of coarser, granular and crystalline materials. MCC-105's enhanced compressibility characteristics make it ideally suitable for application involving difficult to compress materials. It can be admixed with MCC-101 or MCC-102 to achieve specific flow and/or compression properties.
MCC-200 MCC-200 has a large particle size which offers increased flow ability with minimum effect on compression characteristics. It can be used in direct compression and wet granulation to reduce table weight variation and to improve content uniformity.
MCC-301 MCC-301 has a higher density then its size equivalent, MCC-101, providing increased flow ability, greater tablet weight uniformity and the potential for making smaller tablets.
MCC-302 MCC-302 has the density characteristics of MCC-301 with a particle size of MCC-102. Like MCC-301, MCC-302 offers increased flow ability, greater tablet weight uniformity and the potential for smaller tablets.
MCC-N MCC-N is most widely used for wet granulation.
CROSSCARMELLOSE Disintegrator for tablets, capsules and granules
Type Micron Mesh
Sugar Spheres 250-355 µm 45 / 60 mesh
Sugar Spheres 355-500 µm 35 / 45 mesh
Sugar Spheres 425-500 µm 35 / 40 mesh
Sugar Spheres 500-600 µm 30 / 35 mesh
Sugar Spheres 610-710 µm 25 / 30 mesh
Sugar Spheres 710-850 µm 20 / 25 mesh
Sugar Spheres 850-1000 µm 18 / 20 mesh
Sugar Spheres 850-1180 µm 16 / 20 mesh
Sugar Spheres 1000-1400 µm 14 / 18 mesh
Product Specification Applications
Xanthum Gum- Xantural Standard , fine and agglomerated grades Suspension, CR Tablets, Reconstitutable powders, emulsions, Foams
Carrageenan Gum- Genugel Standard and ultra-fine mesh grades Ophthalmic preparations, taste masking
CMC- Cekol Low to Ultra-high viscosity Nasal, eye, ear drops, syrups, ointments etc.
Pectin- Genu Standard to Ultra-Fine Mesh Suspensions, Emulsions, Mucoadhesive Etc.
Products Applications
Acrypol 940 Transparent Gel
Acrypol 980 Transparent Gel(Benzene- Free)
Acrypol 934 Opaque gel
Acrypol 974 Opaque gel(Benzene-free)
Acrypol 941 Low viscosity clear gel
Acrypol 971 Low viscosity clear gel(Benzene-free)
Acrypol 956 Hydroalcoholic gel
Acrypol 640NT Pre-neutralized
Acrypol 641NT Pre-neutralized
Acrypol ET 2020 Easy to disperse
Acrypol ET-1 Liquid Thickener
Acrypol TR-1 Polymeric Emulsifier
Acrypol TR-2 Polymeric Emulsifier
Acrypol 934P SR Tablets
Acrypol 974P SR Tablets(Benzene- free)
Acrypol 971P SR Tablets
Acrypol 971G Granular DC grade
Acrypol 912G Granular grade
Products Application
Kyron T-314(Polacrilin potassium) Superfast tablet disintegrant
Acryflow-L(Stearate derivative) Tablet Lubricant
Acrysol K-140,150,160 (Castor oil derivatives- PEG) Solubilizers
Acrysol EL-135 Parenteral solubilizers
Kyron T-104,114,134,135,154,159(Traditional grades) Taste masker
Kyron T-111,112,112B,113 Ready to use taste masker