About Fareast®

Providing Medical Kit Solution

We provide our demanding clients with a sophisticated product portfolio. To meet your high expectations of competence and consulting we rely not only on our own expertise and that of our suppliers, but also on academic contacts and cooperation. We would be pleased to integrate you into this network as our customer.

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Solutions for Food Industry:

Fareast FZE is a leading distributor and solution provider to the food Processing Industry in the Region with a major goal of providing best quality services to all our customers. Fareast is exclusively partnered with leading global manufacturers and we strive to work very closely with our customers for the development of new products and to solve various technical issues with optimal formulation and production costs. With our distribution services in UAE & Saudi Arabia, we cater to all urgent needs of our customers locally and globally.

For Over 5 years, Fareast has aligned its key focus towards providing  pharmaceuticals , foods  and chemicals raw material and finished formulations to the scientists and formulators and also to the patients.

  • We believe in providing the highest level of customer service, catering high quality products and providing a strong support infrastructure to ensure smooth delivery of customer expectations.
  • Bringing products from the best international ingredient producer in the market and bringing all new developments to our customer’s doorstep, is what we strive to achieve every day.
  • Today serves as a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for formulators, with products manufactured in locations approved by international drug regulatory bodies.
  • Pharmaceutical industry operates in a stringent regulatory environment and to comply with this need, we provide all requisite documents and support regarding the use and safety of products. Our customers can be assured of quality, transparency and reliability, at all times.

With a strong policy to remain the ultimate solution providers and a company connecting products with clients, we often become the point of contact for product related queries both of technical & regulatory nature. This enables us to assist our clients with efficient support at all times. Whether it is a new product introduction, sampling, assistance in formulating or more complex issues involving Principals, we hand-hold our clients through it all.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the world leader in ingredients distribution and related services, where the best people want to work, benefiting all stakeholders.
Guiding Principles:
•We value relationships, earning customers for life, treating suppliers as long-term partners, and dealing with each other with candor and respect.
•We succeed through performance, focusing on superior execution, product access, optimized logistics and productivity.
•We thrive on profitable growth, seeking new markets and new opportunities, continuously innovating to be the distributor of choice.